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Cargo & Aerial Work Operations

Golden Era Aviation is proud to offer comprehensive cargo and aerial work operations. Based at Regina International Airport (YQR), we are strategically located to serve the entire province of Saskatchewan and beyond, including key locations such as Prince Albert, Saskatoon, and Swift Current. Our versatile aircraft and experienced team are ready to meet your diverse cargo and aerial needs.

Versatile Cargo Services

Our aircraft are equipped with a large cargo door, allowing us to handle larger items and up to 2900 lbs of cargo. We are also approved for the transportation of dangerous goods, ensuring your cargo is handled with the utmost care and safety. Our ability to use both smaller municipal and private airstrips as well as major airports extends our reach into Manitoba, Alberta, and even non-scheduled charters into the USA.

Reliable Aerial Work

Golden Era Aviation is also approved for various aerial work operations. Whether you need aerial surveys, photography, or other specialized aerial services, our experienced pilots and crew are ready to deliver. We pride ourselves on our safety record and our commitment to providing high-quality service.

Exceptional Experience

With our efficient cargo and aerial work operations, you can avoid lengthy airport waits and enjoy the reliability and professionalism that Golden Era Aviation is known for. Our dedication to safety and industry expertise ensures that your needs are met with the highest standards.

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