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Golden Era Aviation

Experience the Golden Era of Aviation with vintage flights, passenger charters, and cargo & aerial work services.

About the Business

Golden Era Aviation offers aircraft charter, freight, aerial work, and warbird experience flights from Regina International Airport, with regular operations from Saskatoon International Airport. Our founder, Mike, and our team bring nearly 100 years of combined aviation experience.

We provide stress-free, timely air travel and freight services, using our versatile Beech 18 aircraft for a range of operations.

At Golden Era Aviation, we recreate the special air travel experience of the 1950s and 60s, while maintaining modern standards and reliability.

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An Experience To Remember

Story of Our Acquisition

This C-FSRE was purchased in October of 2021. After sitting among trees for 16 years, we spent four weekends restoring it to be ready for flight.

Once back to being airworthy, C-FSRE was flown from Selkirk, Manitoba to Codette Lake in Nipawin Saskatchewan and then towed on beaching wheels some 6 miles to Nipawin Airport. This is where the aircraft was converted from its floats to wheels and all of the corrosion was removed. The propellers were sent away for overhaul and some engine repairs completed – a 7 month long project. Near the end of August 2022, the C-FSRE was flown to Saskatoon Airport where restoration began.

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